By myself

By myself

Self-published book about maternity and maturation.

Personal project.

By myself

I began to exist when
my mother thought about me.

She prepared
a comfortable room for me.

And she waited.

When my father thought about me,

I was ready to be born.

My mother allowed
me to grow

and I grew,

But my room was getting smaller.

The more I weighed,

the more separated from
my mother I became.

When I thought about
something else,

I was already going away.

If no one holds you up,

you can only fall.

When you are deep in the ground,

everything finishes so fast.

If you are alone,
you are nothing.

I feel very lonely,
I must not be a big thing.

But if I put my hands on the ground
and I stand up on my feet.

maybe I could fell
the sunshine again.

Me and my sisters

have always had all
what we needed right here.

If my parents could see me now,

they would be proud of me.


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