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My name is Jaime Vicente, illustrator / designer born in 1981 who lives in Barcelona. Here you can see, chronologically ordered, all my projects, but also you can see only self-publishing, design, exhibitions, fair, illustration, hand made.

In addition I have a Flickr collection and an Etsy shop. Contact me by mail info@jaimevicente.com or by phone +34 678 145 211.

Tions 2014

2014, December. Wood handmade one of a kind Tions collection, third edition. Nine models made in different sizes.

You can still adopt one! You only have to contact me by email or phone.

This year I have prepared a series of nine postcards with a special glow.

And an interactive Tió who plays music and shits some candy
if you squeeze his hat.

Made specially for the Festivalet of Duduá.

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Es local es brillante

2014, July.

Collaboration with the interesting project Cuaderno Brillante.

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2014, July. Magazine and book covers made ​​as quickly as possible.

Done during a Ilustratour workshop taught by Serge Bloch.

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Illustratour Contests

2014, June. Submissions for all.

First of all, they were looking for a rug design for the NODE project,
which would fabricate it by hand in Nepal.

In addition, the festival mascot, Patopollo, is chosen every year.
I did not dare to send this one.

And I sent this other one.

Finally, the English agency Plumpudding requested an illustration
of a particular scene from the Wizard of Oz.

Submmissions for the Ilustration Festival Ilustratour contests.

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Women portraits

2014, January. Painted with ink and colored with patterned fabrics.


Collaboration with Dona Kolors, a social project for training and job placement in sewing for women at risk of social exclusion.

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